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OrganiaSound: A new format for Reconfigurable Digital Music

We observe with attention the obsolescence of static physical media - as CD's - and the rupture of concepts and established markets, as well as the born of new paradigms for free access, for creation and consumption, for interaction and functions integration.

  The new audio format OrganiaSound is an innovative technology for authoring and customizing the reproduction of music that will enable the XXI century listeners a real interaction with music.

With OrganiaSound you can navigate inside the music scene, interact with instruments and modify its execution in time, personalizing the audition of your favorite songs.

The new format will open new perspectives for musical creation and for music distribution, be it free (eg creative commons) and also protected (DRM).

We're developing the first version of this technology, which includes an authoring software (codec) for audio in this new format, and the player software, for desktop and portable platforms.

Clients: Phonographic market, manufacturers of digital music players (mp3/aac players), advertising market, musicians, composers, producers and audiovisual content distributors.

Stay close for soon news in this site! We are just finishing the 1st. development phase.

Read more about OrganiaSound in "our projects".

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