Organia specializes in research, technological development and services in the areas of:

- Multichannel surround sound (eg systems for surround production 5.1/7.1)

- Interactive edition of sound space (eg authoring programs and players able to personalize the audition of a sound scene)

- Software and hardware for encoding, decoding, transcoding and reproduction (eg solutions for digital TV and digital music)

- Immersive sound for special environments (eg auralization systems for virtual sonic reality, sound projects with formats such as Ambisonics and others with high density of loudspeakers distributed).

We are able to offer services for the research and development of systems, software and equipment for generation, distribution and consumption of surround sound and for immersive sound, specific demands for the audio industry (professional and consumer) and for studios and audiovisual production.

We develop solutions for interactive edition of the sound space and for surround sound, focused on applications for the domestic and professional market, and for surround audio players, such as the digital music players and DTV receivers.

We presently seek design houses and industrial partners interested in developing new products for these segments. For more information, please contact us.

Read more about our products and services on the links on the side. For pricing, special demands, doubts about products licensing and service contracting, please contact us.

Research, developments and services

Special sound projects

Consultancy in audio engineering