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Organia Musical Eng. Audiovisual Tech.
São Paulo - SP - Brasil  

Software development leader (1 post). For solution analysis, software design and development, C/C++ or Java programming. Requires: MSc in Computing or Engineering; experience in applied research for algorithm development; knowledge on VST/RTAS/TDM. Desirable: knowledge of DSP, Dolby-E and audio production. Salary: BRL2200-2600. 24 to 40hs/week. City: Sao Paulo.

Software developer C/C++ or Java (1 post). For research and development of algorithms and codes for production, processing and delivery of multichannel audio. Requires: BS in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent; experience in programming C/C++/Java, GUI development, Pd/Max, VST/RTAS/TDM and DSP. Desirable experience with scientific programming, with audio software development, and professional production in studio or TV. Salary: BRL1045. 24-40 hs/week. City: Sao Paulo.

Imediate availability (jan/11). Send curriculum and interest letter to organia @