Welcome to our reference space for new sound technologies, projects and novel developments in musical media and immersive audio. We produce technology for interactive audiovisual electronic systems, for professional and personal use, for today and for the future.  

We work with technology research and development, projects and solutions on audio engineering, computer music, software and hardware.

Innovation in audiovisual engineering: research, conception and development of new products and services.

Consulting. Research and development projects. Strategic conception of products, services and formats for audiovisual media.

For whom: Consumer electronics industry, audio services providers, manufacturers of portable players, solution providers, makers of software and electronic gears, engineering companies, phonographic distributors.

Enviromental sound: immersive and personalized sound system projects

Design of immersive sound and sonic spatialization for auditorium, projection rooms, convetion halls, environments for events and multimedia, etc.

For whom: Cultural centers, companies, studios, auditorium and event spaces constructors, exhibitions, shows, performances, museums and cinemas.

Advanced audio systems: new technologies for sound production, distribution and reproduction

Research, consulting and development of systems, formats and tools for: multichannel recording, surround production, coding and trancoding of formats, distribution and decoding; multichannel audio; spatial audio (surround, 2D/3D); professional platforms, personal (portables) and domestic; HD and interactive audio.

For whom: Developers of products (hardware and software); studios, producers and final producers of audio programs and multimedia systems; Digital TV and radio (broadcasters and producers); professional and consumer audio industries; content providers; games and entertainment industries.


To develop audiovisual technologies and products to improve life quality. We create novel processes and products for the digital media, audiovisual production, immersive sound and interactive services markets.