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[Organia joins AVID developer program]

    Since 2010 Organia Musical Engineering is partner of AVID Developer Program for innovative software development. Only company in Brazil with this status, the objective is to deploy advanced mixing and multichannel production tools for the worldwide used ProTools® platform.

    The first product shall be a plugin version of Organia's FreeSurround® system, which can generate on-the-fly bounces in many multichannel output modes. Counting with a loudness management system based on the international Broadcasting standard ITU-R BS.1770 and harmonized with European standard EBU R-128, FreeSurround® allows for the control of individual sources levels as well as the multichannel program level, an important feature for the TV production market.

    The system also meets the audio coding specifications of ISDB-T standard (Brazilian TVD System) and is expected for the first quarter/2013.