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1. What is the origin of the name Organia?

    The term comes from the "past" of the TV series Star Trek. Organia is a planet inhabited by light beings very advanced (photo at left, next to Kirk and Spock). An important galactic peace treaty takes its name in the Star Trek saga.

         the organians                      kirk and spock





2. What type of of marketing does Organia do?

    We offer our services without abrasive marketing strategies. We proclaim a ransom that working is part of life, and that the audiovisual media should contribute to enhance the pleasure in its execution, for the evolution of the species.

    After all, Star Trek, which made 40 years in September 2006, reached a wide popularity back in 1966 announcing a model of optimism and promising future in which mankind has not been annihilated by a holocaust, in which the diversity and non-discrimination prevailed in the society, and the great new of a developmental motivation drived by progress and achievements, and not fostered by simple accumulation of wealth.

    The use of viral marketing, however, is not an attractive strategy discarded.







3. What innovations is Organia preparing?

    We are in advanced stage of research and design of products (software) for surround production, encoding, distribution and playback. The differentials are in the novelties in multichannel encoding oriented to sound scenes, in coding of 3D sound fields, and in the sound stage edition, with special focus on phonographic and new digital media markets. Another difference is in exploring the interactivity and in the possibility of personalization of the audition experience.

    Organia presently is seeking industrial partners and investors for a product engineering phase and for subsequent marketing and distribution.

    Applicants please come in contact.