Organia advocates the combination of cutting-edge technology and sustainable development

  Our motivation is to build technology for life, supported the maintenance of nature.

Sustainability and green technologies. Organia is in the crowd for a better world. We want to disseminate ideas, engage and work with generations, people, places and technologies that have strong tuning with requirements for a better life.
Our point of departure is in the auditory sciences, in the improvement of sonic information through audiovisual and electronic engineering, sound computing and multimedia. We want to put the technologies serving the society ears.


Our conduct and direction of work is multidisciplinary, focusing on technology and art, and satisfying requirements from both. We adopt design and development methodologies compatible with formal practices recommended in software engineering, PMI - PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge), Total Quality(TQC) and RUP (Rational Unified Process).

Our services and development objects are oriented to the triple base of the cycle of audiovisual technologies and media: the production, distribution and consumption. We aim at quality, sound immersion and hearing preservation.

We focus on the design of innovative features, applications, services, development of systems and solutions for relevant problems in each of these pillars.

Organia is launched in the world as a provider of technological innovations in musical and audiovisual engineering, and the only bomb we approve is the green bomb.