The Green Bomb

Where it falls the air is purified, heavy metals return to their mineral condition, the sky turns into deep blue, sidewalks and roads get rid of holes and imperfections, trees and plants turn greener...

Hanging gardens are projected on the walls and roofs, the water becomes crystal, all leaks cease, infiltrations disappear, debris settle out, suspensions precipitate, pollutants and chlorine are drastically reduced, the pathological micro-organisms are reduced to not-contaminant levels.

The only bomb we endorse is the green bomb, to make the world a place where not only our children can live better, with less stress and more integrated with nature, but also ourselves, the generations who walk through this world today.

Wish all the black bombs that bombard our poor and confused world bear the colossal power of the green bombs...


Organia takes interest for the new media, for quality music, young and old, engaged music. We're interested in applying technology, effort and work into human musical production, in traveling the world producing documentaries, capturing nature in digital media, and acting in the production of unpublished audiovisual. We're interested in exploring the classical languages and new proposals, direct, interactive, dramatic, scenic, realistic, fantastic or skeptical, carrying scientific and humanistic content, educative and training.

The world is so polluted! The big cities are immersed in an eternal cloud of pollution... By plane, even in the remotest parts of the planet, pollution is visible... It invades the sky of climbers... We are tired of such a gangrene!
  We wanted to smell the air that was in the world during the Middle Ages, ride the trails of the Renaissance. We wanted to taste the wild fruits and the rustic foods of centuries ago.
Organia wants to know more of the world, its people, to prove his natural tastes uncontaminated by either globalization or by the financing growth model based on the dogged duo production-consumption, growing, growing... exhausting, exhausting.

We believe in Nature. We believe that our species and its created, artificial and adapted nature are also part of Nature Staff, and derive from it. The basic essence always emanates from the nature, which drives the awareness, the perception, and the creation of all models that explain the world, its things and its arrangement in time.

Nature is the primary school, statistical in its manifestation, physical and chemical in their material channels, and metaphysical in the channels that we are still learning how they work, as they include so many unstable or imperfect models, incomplete explanations, or they manifest by means of perceptions taken by some but not experienced or believed by many, namely the many religious models for the divine that exist on this earth.

Organia admires the past civilizations which with so much effort overcame the challenges of the ice, of crossing seas counting on human power without machines, of hunting and growing food in non-industrial scales, counting on their own circles of beliefs and rituals... We admire the Vikings, the Selk-Nams, the Incas and the Marajoaras.

Organia wants riparian forests are preserved and grow, be re-created and replanted to excess. Stimuli to reforest the world heavily! Organia wants technology for the total industrial and urban waste processing, technologies to process all the sewage and return clean water to natural streams. Lavoisier: nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
Organia wants non-ionizing radiation wireless telecommunications, technologies to conserve energy and to consume less battery power: reconfigurable systems for the future, down with the obsolescence! We want the more sophisticated and efficient error correction systems, better audio and video quality, higher audio-visual immersion, down with low intelligibility. Organia values the rational use of the communication channels, and prioritizes the multimedia coding quality.

Organia looks forward to human generations better than the past, brighter, more loving, more capable of understanding, of perception and action, with less myths and doubts and more energy and willingness to the positive. We want codes of conduct and laws that exclude the schools of pain, we want laws fewer in number and higher in quality, and better interpretation of them. We want to see the next generation integrated more organically, and see the seeds of Gaia born.

Organia wants to see the newborn graduating with science, reason, emotion, perception and experience of the physical and the metaphysical, wants them to enjoy more and more the human and natural contacts. We hope that psychology and the application of the cognitive science tools concur to produce generations less stressed, less traumatized and less dominated by revenge and dumb-down rules, as well as less seduced by addictive excesses. Organia wants the drastic and methodical reduction of the mental disorders, psychological suffering and physical degradation.

Organia wish technologies for human beings to live their full mental and metaphysical lives on this planet. We wish humans to be happy in their sexual manifestations, and that people copulate and procreate under rational rules and technologies within a natural school, connected to the essence of biological life, respecting the choices and the election of pleasure, respecting pregnancy and birth, without inclusions of imperfect or minimalist methods, nor conducted by revocable artificialities. We want future generations have a better discernment on what to accept and what to act on, and about the reaction resulting from the exercise of their human condition: a better understanding of the life cycle of birth and passing.