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Regis Rossi Alves Faria

Engenheiro eletrônico, doutor e mestre em Engenharia Elétrica (Sistemas Eletrônicos). Pesquisador associado e coordenador de projetos de pesquisa e desenvolvimento no LSI (Laboratório Sistemas Integráveis) da POLI – USP. Professor universitário.
Músico instrumentista. Coordenador e fundador da Organia Engenharia Musical.
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Curriculum Vitae Illustrated

Main Professional Interests
Research and development on audiovisual systems
Areas of Interest: Sound/Music Technology, Signal Processing, Audio Engineering, Sonic computing, Multimedia Coding (e.g. MPEG), Interactive Multimedia Systems, Information Systems, Digital Media.

PhD. EE. Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Brazil, 2005)
MS. EE. Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Brazil, 1997)
BS. EE. (emphasis on Electronics) Minas Gerais Federal University (Brazil, 1990)

Summary of Qualifications
PhD and MSc in Electronic Engineering a the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. Doctorate research focus on advanced spatial audio system architectures/techniques for sound immersion. Master research focus on wavelet multiresolution analysis of musical gestures.

Associate Researcher and R&D leader at the Laboratory of Integrable Systems (Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis - LSI), University of São Paulo, Brazil. Responsible for scientific advising and investigation, research and development projects on audio technologies, audiovisual coding, interactive and reconfigurable multimedia platforms, digital TV, MPEG, and sound/music production.

Responsible in 2005 for conducting the studies and developments in audio systems for the Brazilian Digital TV System (SBTVD) R&D Project, such as the MPEG-AAC codec and the audio architecture. Member of the SBTVD Technical Forum since 2006, and active contributor on the ISDB-Tb standardization process.

Experience in system architecture design, conception and coordination of R&D projects, development of multimedia services/systems (hardware/software), technology integration, and scientific events organization (3 times general chair of AES Brazil conference: 2006, 2007 and 2008).

Specialist in music/audio technologies, spatial audio, digital audio processing, audio coding (MPEG), wavelet theory and music analysis/synthesis. Advanced knowledge on project management, multimedia signal processing, musical acoustics, reconfigurable multimedia system design (VHDL), digital TV systems, virtual reality (CAVE’s) and telecom/network basics (TCP/IP, SDH).

Musician (flutes), lecturer and speaker on musical technology. Experience with audio/music processing software and audio equipment. Musical skills in audio quality assessment, melody memory and expressivity modeling. Excellent writing, communication and organizational skills.

Experience with platforms PCs, SUN, SGI; OS UNIX, Linux, Windows 95/98, NT, 2000, XP, DOS. Programming in PD, MATLAB, C, Fortran, Pascal, HTML. Intermediate skills on C++ and JAVA.

Double citizenship: Brazilian and Italian. Fluent in Portuguese and English. English Proficiency by the ELS Language Center (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 1993). Italian: conversation, reading and writing. Spanish: conversation and reading.

Member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). Vice-president of the AES Brazil section. Member of the AES Technical Committees on Multichannel and Binaural Audio Technologies and Audio Coding. Founding member and Coordinator of the Computer Music Interest Group of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) and university professor.


Professional Trajectory

1993 - present
Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis (LSI), Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo www.lsi.usp.br

Associate researcher / Audio Engineering and Coding Center coordinator

Associate researcher in audiovisual technologies since 1993. Eleven years of experience in applied research and development projects and consultancy in multimedia engineering, sound technologies, audiovisual coding, interactive services and digital/analog multimedia platforms. Founder (1997) and manager for 8 years of the Media Engineering Center. Worked with wavelets in music analysis, telemedicine, virtual reality, spatial audio and sound coding. Founder (2005) and coordinator of the Audio Engineering and Coding Group, addressing innovative research in spatial audio, sound coding and music technologies. Advisor on graduation & under-graduation programs.

2008 - present
Organia Musical Engineering Audiovisual Technologies, São Paulo (Brazil)

Main partner / Research and Development Director

Founder (2008) and chief scientist of Organia, an engineering, consultancy, research and development company oriented to innovative sound technologies and services. Currently coordinating a research project targeting the development of reconfigurable digital music formats and tools, supported by FAPESP Brazilian agency.

2000 - present
Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis Tecnológico (LSI-TEC), São Paulo (Brazil)

Associate Member / R&D Project Manager and Scientist

Worked on set-top boxes platform design with hardware description languages and systems development. Responsible for research and developments on the audio codec and reproduction modules of the reference receptor for the SBTVD (Brazilian DTV System) R&D Project in 2005. Associate member of the LSI-TEC since 2006.

2006 – 2008
FASP – Associated Faculties of São Paulo, São Paulo (Brazil)

1998 – 1999
Faculty Radial São Paulo, São Paulo (Brazil)

Full Professor
- Logic and Computer Programming (LPC)
- Programming Languages and Tecnhiques (LTC)

1991 - 1992
Minerações Brasileiras Reunidas SA (MBR), Belo Horizonte/Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Trainee Engineer

Participated on an extensive training program over the whole company, from mineral prospecting to mining and export business. Worked at industrial ore processing plants, open mine, at the maritime export terminal facilities, environmental and geology research areas, and with Total Quality Control. Company later acquired by Vale (www.vale.com).

Main Projects and Developments

• Development of a new format for reconfigurable digital music (2008-present)

Coordinator of the research project, leaded by Organia and backed by the LSI-TEC/LSI. The project considers an information survey on the phonographic market, with the content producers and an alignment of technologies for the proposal of a new paradigm for reconfigurable digital music. It addresses the experimental development of three technological components for a show-case: a new format for reconfigurable digital music, an encoder (authorship software), and a decoder (player) for personalized reproduction of musical content. Project supported by FAPESP Brazilian Agency process no. 07/01634-2.

• ISDB-Tb Standardization (2006-present)

Contributor in the Brazilian DTV System (SBTVD or ISDB-Tb) standardization process. Active collaborator and one of the chairs of the audio coding part (ABNT NBR 15602-2) and the Coding Operational Guide. Participant of the SBTVD Forum.

• OpenAUDIENCE – Immersive Audio Software (2006-present)

Project coordinator, responsible for software system design, teams and collaborative work integration and project management.
The main objective is the development of two software packages for sound immersion, production of sound scenes, and 3D interactive auralization of spatial sound scenes, using multichannel support.
The project is developed collaboratively and hosted at http://openaudience.incubadora.fapesp.br.
• AUDIENCE Project – Audio Immersion Experience by Computer Emulation (2003-2007)

Responsible for the specification, design and implantation of a 2D/3D audio system for a CAVE at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. Principal author and scientist.


AUDIENCE is a flexible and scalable hardware/software system for 2D/3D audio production, coding/decoding and auralization (sound immersion). The project delivered a complete hw/sw solution and many published papers.
• MPEG AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) Studies and Developments for SBTVD (2005)

Responsible for coordinating a team addressing the research, design, developments, and tests of a multichannel audio coder/decoder architecture for the Brazilian DTV System (SBTVD) based on the MPEG-4 AAC codec. Project in the scope of the SBTVD R&D Project, part of Audio Coding and Decoding. Partially concluded.

• Audio Processing Module for the SBTVD Reference Access Terminal (2005)

Responsible for coordinating a team addressing the research of audio unit architectures and processors for DTV set-top boxes, including the design, implementations and tests of audio decoding, synthesis, spatial processing and reproduction functions in user terminals, in the scope of the Brazilian DTV System (SBTVD) R&D Project, part of Access Terminals.

• Sound System Design for Theater and Auditory Rooms (2004-2005)

Responsible for the general sound design and specifications of audio equipment for stage, control room and auditory spaces.

• Access Platforms for Digital/Analog TV (2002-2004)

Industry oriented Project. Responsible for project conception and coordination. Action in high-level system design, technical specifications; design of service-oriented prototypes, timeline, activities specification and management, leading a team of 11 professionals.

• Stereoscopic Visualization for High Performance Cluster Computer (2002-2003)

Responsible for the specification and coordination of a stereoscopic visualization tool for a high performance cluster computer systems oriented to applications in the oil industry.

• MPEG Consultancy (2000-2003)

Action for industry and feasibility studies for MPEG decoding platforms design. Invited speaker at several seminars and technical events in Europe, Brazil and USA.

• Reconfigurable Multimedia Digital Set-Top Box Family Project (1999-2002)

Research and Project coordination – action in the high-level system features design, technical and service specification; responsible for project conduction, design of service-oriented prototypes, timeline and activities specification and management.
• Telemedicine Project (1999)

Responsible for the network infrastructure and radio equipment startup, access terminals installation and starting of videoconference medical services in the Hospital of Porto Velho, Rondonia State, in the Brazilian Amazonia, connected to the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo. This service settled the basis for the oncopediatria.org.br project.
• MoD Project – Media on Demand – Interactive Multimedia Services/Applications (1998-1999)

• Musiface AoD Service (Audio on Demand Server/Player) (1998)

Responsible for service specification, technical features and services, visual design, user interface conception and management of the development project.

• Polimidia (Media on Demand Application/Server) (1999)

Responsible for service specification, technical features and services, visual design, user interface, and management of the development project.
• High Speed Research Link, Teleconference Laboratory and Digital Media Studio (1998).

Action in engineering design, implantation of network SDH infrastructure, specification of equipment, prototyping of interactive digital services (such as videoconference and collaborative work), and implantation of a distributed digital media studio for collaborative production between computer graphics and music facility at the University of São Paulo and the DSN Cable TV infrastructure laboratory, at NEC headquarters in São Paulo.

Digital SDH 310Mbps Link between University of São Paulo and NEC Brazil DSN Laboratory.

• WAVESYNT - Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis Software for Audio/Music (1D signals) Analysis (1997)

Developed a wavelet-based signal analyzer and a user interface under MATLAB platform for the analysis of audio signals (oriented to the analysis of musical gestures) using a Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis framework. The interface is capable of loading sounds, processing different analysis, editing wavelet coefficients, and performing selectivereconstruction of audio/musical signals.

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    Conference Participation
  • SET 2008 Conference of the Brazilian Televisioin Engineering Society. São Paulo, Brazil (2008)
  • AES Brazil 6th Conference / 12th National Convention. São Paulo, Brazil (2008)
  • SET 2007 Conference of the Brazilian Television Engineering Society. São Paulo, Brazil (2007)
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  • 1993 IEEE Power Engineering Society - Winter Meeting. Columbus, OH, USA (1993)
  • WARN'93 - Workshop in Neural Networks Applications. São Paulo, Brazil (1993)

    Technical Visits
  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Dept. Technology Management, Human-Technology Interaction, Eindhoven, Nederlands (2007)
  • Technische Universiteit Delft, Applied Physics Laboratory, Delft, Nederlands (2007)
  • Coding Technologies, Nuremberg, Germany (2005)
  • Philips Research Center, Eindhoven, Nederlands (2002)
  • Hewlett Packard. Palo Alto, CA (1996)
  • Computer Science Dept., New York University. New York, NY (1996)
  • Department of Music, City University. London, England (1995)
  • Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM). Paris, France (1995)
  • Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, CA (1997, 1995)
  • Center for New Music and Audio Technology (CNMAT), University of California, Berkeley, CA (1995)
  • Battelle Memorial Institute. Columbus, OH (1993)
  • American Electric Power System Control Center. Columbus, OH (1993)

    Other Activities
  • Instrument musician (transversal and recorder flutes domain; keyboard and electric bass basics) playing music (fusions of jazz, blues, Brazilian popular music, classic, rock and alternatives)
  • Consultant in MPEG technology, sound systems, audio engineering/acoustics
  • Lecturer on computer music, audio, digital TV technologies, perceptual coding and wavelet techniques
  • Themes and sound track producer for computer graphics/animation
  • Sound engineer (focus on sound scene oriented music recording, processing and production)
  • Writer and translator of texts about digital audio and music technology

    Traveling, trekking and camping
  • Le Bahia (2007) Travel Site.
  • Chile e Argentina (2004)

    Website at the University of São Paulo: http://www.lsi.usp.br/~regis
    Contact: regis@organia.com.br